VIDRA relies on the support of volunteers in various capacities throughout the year.

The Executive Board is made up of a President, Vice President, Race Directors, and other roles required to run this organization and the Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series.

The board meets throughout the year and holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year, usually on the same weekend as the annual VIHSS Awards Presentation evening. If you would like to bring something to the attention of the board, please contact a board member or VIDRA President, Andrew Graham.

Volunteers are also required for things like these:

  • trail building
  • trail maintenance (particularly in the weeks leading up to a race)
  • maintaining staging areas
  • arrowing/flagging trails for a race
  • removing flags after a race
  • various jobs on race days

If you would like to volunteer with VIDRA, please contact us, and/or watch the VIHSS Facebook group for upcoming trail maintenance days, or other ways you can help. If you have an idea for where you can pitch in, please let us know!

This organization relies on and very much appreciates all the volunteers that help make riding and racing happen on the Island!