Race Classes

Need a hand to figure out which class you’ll want to sign up for at the VIHSS races? Have a look here. If you’re still wondering where you fit in, join the VIHSS group on Facebook to ask around, or contact us by email.

Some of the classes are divided up by skill level and some are a combination of age and skill level. There are separate classes and courses for the younger kids.

A classes:

The A classes are meant for fast riders and capable technical riders. The “A” courses are often a little longer and/or feature some more difficult obstacles. “A” racers will typically race for a longer time (usually 2-3 hours) than the “B” classes, but the exact details may vary race to race)

Masters – This class is for the fastest, most experienced riders, any age. Masters will race the “A” course for the “A” amount of time.

Expert – This class is for fast, experienced riders. Experts will race the “A” course for the “A” amount of time.

Veteran Expert – Fast riders who are 30+ years old at time of signup. Vet Ex will race the “A” course for the “A” amount of time.

Intermediate – This class is for experienced riders. Intermediates will race the “A” course for the “A” amount of time.

Senior Expert – Racers must be 40+ years old at time of signup. Senior Ex will typically race the “A” course for the shorter “B” amount of time, or if the “A” & “B” course is the same at a particular race, this class will usually race the longer “A” cut-off time. This can vary based on the individual race plan.

B classes:

The B classes are for all the other riders with classes to accommodate a wide range of experience level and ages. These classes are competitive, but the race cut-off time is a little shorter (usually 1.5-2hrs) than the “A” classes and the gnarliest obstacles may see a go-around or a “split” to divert the B racers away from the obstacle.

Super Senior – Racers must be 50+ years old at time of signup.

Veteran Amateur – Racers must be 30+ years old at time of signup.

Senior Amateur – Racers must be 40+ years old at time of signup.

Women’s Intermediate NEW for 2020! – Women only, this class is meant for female racers with more experience. This is still a ‘B’ class, racing the ‘B’ loop for the ‘B’ amount of time. Women who have a lot of riding or racing experience are also invited to enter any of the other (co-ed) classes if they prefer.

Novice Advanced – The racers in this class may have graduated up or been “bumped” up from Novice. They’re getting quick, but may not yet be ready to move up to an “A” class, or one of the age-based classes. New racers who have a decent amount of previous riding experience may also want to start here.
This class is open to any age.

Novice – This class is a good one if you’re new to riding or racing. This class is open to any age.

Women’s Amateur – Women only, from novice to a little more experienced. This is meant to be an approachable class for women and teen girls. Women could also enter a suitable co-ed class if they prefer.

C Classes

These classes are grouped together as they race on the shorter and more beginner-friendly Kids’ course.

Women’s Beginner – This is an approachable place to start, for girls or women that feel like the full race course may still be too much. Race takes place on the kids course rather than the full enduro loop. The kids loop sticks closer to the staging area and there will be course helpers much closer by than on the full loop.

Peewee Classes (Bike sizes: 50cc 2T / 110cc 4T )

  • Peewee Beginner – First year racing or on trail.
  • Peewee Expert – Have experience racing and on trail.

Kids Classes (65cc and up)

  • Kids Beginner – First year with manual clutch newer at riding trail.
  • Kids Intermediate – Experience with manual clutch, riding trails and racing.