Women in Riding

The VIHSS is a friendly and competitive racing community that strives to be inclusive and supportive of our female riders!

We recognize that it can sometimes be intimidating for women to join into a typically male-dominated sport, but we wholeheartedly support women and girls in racing, now with TWO women’s classes in our race series (though women are welcome in any other age/skill class that’s a fit too!) as well as supporting events to get female riders together and build their skills outside of race day.

Born out of the VIHSS, the MudHunniez are an enthusiastic team of grassroots racers and riders that, with the support of VIDRA, have been hosting events for women for the past few years. These events have been steadily growing and it’s encouraging to see so many women coming out to ride!

Watch social media for MudHunniez events happening in the spring and fall (usually June and September). Pre-registration is generally required, so stay tuned early!!

Upcoming events