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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is ONLINE only for both season registration and race registration.

Step 1 - Season registration:

This is your VIDRA membership/race license. You will need to have this prior to registering for a race. Purchase this online as a first step. There is a manual process for us on the back end, so you'll need to wait for your registration and bike number to be approved before registering for your first race of the season. The membership is good for the calendar year in which it was purchased.

Step 2 - Race registration:

Register and pay online for your race.

Once you're registered, show up in plenty of time to check-in on the morning of race day. When you arrive to each race day, bring your helmet with you to the check-in tent where we will test your transponder to make sure it works. If you need a transponder, you can get one there. (First one is free, $10 for replacements.)

These are required: Helmet, motocross boots, gloves. Goggles / eye protection is HIGHLY recommended!

We also recommend: Motocross pants & jersey, elbow & knee pads (or knee braces), chest protection.

It's also a good idea to bring water with you for a race because it can be a long haul. For this purpose we recommend a hydration backpack, such as a CamelBak. Some riders also choose to wear a neck brace.

Find the descriptions for our race classes here: Hare Scramble Race Classes

You can move up a class mid-season, but you will not be able to bring accumulated season points into the new class with you. You'll start fresh in the new class.

You can also only move once in a season and would require permission from the VIDRA board to move back down.

For more info, consult the rulebook.

Your race number will be a 3-4 digit number. You'll choose the last two digits. The first digit(s) will be assigned to reflect the class you're in.

1xx. Masters
2xx. Expert
3xx. Vet Expert
4xx. Intermediate
5xx. Senior Expert
6xx. Women's Expert
7xx. Super Senior
8xx. Vet Amateur
9xx. Senior Amateur
10xx. Novice Advanced
11xx. Women's Intermediate
12xx. Novice
13xx. Women's Amateur

See the available bike numbers here: Bike Number List "Select view" at the top will allow you to break the list down by classes.

No, you don't need to have your number on your bike.

Scoring is done digitally with your transponder. You will also receive 2 stickers on race day with your number (one for the front of your bike, one for the back of your helmet) to help the timekeepers with scoring.

The transponder we use is a flat RFID sticker that sticks to the underside of the visor on your helmet. When you go though the timing area for each lap, our systems will pick up your transponder and count your lap time.

We provide the first one for you, but if you need a replacement, it's $10.

When you arrive to each race day, bring your helmet with you to the check-in tent where we will test your transponder to make sure it works.

Trail Karma is a program VIDRA has implemented to maintain our trail networks on the island. Purchasing an annual TRAIL KARMA decal from VIDRA supports our efforts in building and maintaining Whiskey Creek, Cook Creek and Tansky trail networks and staging areas as well as hosting races and riding events. Find out more about Trail Karma