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Kids Series

The VIHSS is proud to be hosting a full race series for Kids!

We’ve hosted standalone kids races in the past, but we’ve recently introduced a bunch of new classes, for pee-wees & kids where they can compete at each race and accumulate overall season points for a championship finish, just like in the adult classes!

In addition to the regular kids’ classes, we now also have a girls’-only class and a women’s beginner class too! Each of these classes will race the C-loop, which is not as long and remote as the B-classes, but will still be challenging and fun!

The C-classes will race on the Saturday of the race weekend.

Race dates:

Race2024 Race DateLocationPoints SeriesSign up
Roots of Doom April 6-7Whiskey CreekVIHSSRESULTS
Legends MotoMay 4-5Cook CreekVIHSSRESULTS
KatoomJune 8-9Campbell River MX VIHSSOPEN
The KnockoutSept 7-8Nanaimo MX (Wastelands)VIHSSAug 23
Wild WestSept 21-22Tansky VIHSSSept 9
Give’r TakeOct 5-6AVMX (Cold Creek Moto Park)VIHSSSept 23
Monster MashOct 26-27Cook CreekVIHSSOct 7
Note: Where two dates are listed (Sat-Sun), C classes will race on the Saturday and A/B classes on Sunday. Unless otherwise stated.

Race Results & Season points standings

Follow the Facebook Events to stay up to date with the latest info for each race.

  • To register for a race, you need to have a VIDRA Race Membership
  • ONLINE pre-registration open until 8pm on the Friday before the race (or until max capacity is reached)
  • VIDRA reserves the right to limit the number of registrations for each race.

Registration & fees:

Kids RegistrationPriceNotes
VIHSS Kids Series Race Membership
$50 (annual)Membership must be completed prior to registering for your first race of the season. Membership is valid for the calendar year in which it was purchased.
VIHSS Weekend Race Membership$15 (2 Days)Weekend membership must be completed before registering for an upcoming race. Please note if you race with a weekend pass your points do not count in the series.
Race entry $40 (per race*)
TransponderFirst one free
($10 for a replacement)
The transponder allows us to score the racer digitally as they complete laps of the race. It is a sticker that is affixed to the helmet visor and is reusable as long as it isn’t damaged. We’ll provide the first one for you, but replacing a lost or broken one will be $10.
* VIDRA reserves the right to charge a different race entry fee for particular races at our discretion, as required.

Sign up for a membership

A Race Membership or Weekender pass is required to race.

Annual members

Register to race here:


LevelClassDescriptionRace TimeRider requirementsBike specs
CPeewee BeginnerThese riders are new to racing or to riding on trail and unable to pick up their own bike and start it themselves. Parents or guardians are able to follow their racer1 lap or 20 minutes6 years or underMax tire size: 10″ front & rear
These riders are unable to pick up their own bike and start it themselves.
They may have been riding for a year, or picked it up quickly. Parents or guardians are NOT ALLOWED to follow their racer
30 mins7 years or under50cc 2T / 110cc 4T
Automatic Clutch
Max: 12″ rear tire
CPeewee ExpertThese riders have a little more experience riding and a year or two of racing under their belt.
They should be able to pick up their own bike.
They are 12 years old or under and ride a small bike with an automatic clutch as indicated in the bike requirements for this class.
45 mins12 year or under50cc 2T / 110cc 4T
Automatic Clutch
Max: 12″ rear tire
CKids BeginnerThis class is ideal for kids who are in their first year with manual clutch, and/or may be newer at riding trail.45 mins12 year or under112cc 2T / 230cc 4T
No big bikes
CKids IntermediateThese kids have experience using a manual clutch, riding trails and some racing.1 hour16 year or under112cc 2T / 230cc 4T
No big bikes
CKids ExpertThese kids have riding or racing experience. This class has the longest race time at 1.5 hours. 1.5 hours16 year or under65cc+
CJr. GirlsGirls over 14 should race in the Women’s Beginner class, or if they have more experience and can race the full B course, Women’s Amateur or Women’s Intermediate may be a more suitable choice.45 mins14 years or under112cc 2T / 230cc 4T
No big bikes
CWomen’s BeginnerThis is an approachable and fun class for women and girls to get started in racing.
If you want to race, but feel like the full race course may still be too much, give this class a try!
This class races on the course that the older kids use, rather than the full A or B enduro loop.
The kids loop sticks closer to the staging area and if you run into an issue, there will likely be help nearby.
1 hour12 years +65cc+

Before race day:

  • Register and pay for your VIHSS Series membership online
  • Choose a class to compete in. You’ll need that for the next step…
  • Register for the race online

On race day:

  • Find a parking spot and bring your helmet with you to the sign-in tent at staging. We will test your transponder then, or sell you a new one if you don’t already have one.
  • Get your gear on, ensure your bike is ready, and attend the riders meeting. Riders meeting is mandatory.
  • From the riders meeting, you’ll be given a briefing about the race and directions on where to line up to start.
  • After the race, check your results and stick around for the awards presentation.

After race day:

  • At any point, you can check your race results again online on MotoTally. You can also check your overall points standing in the series.

Helpful info:

  • We advise you to bring plenty of drinking water. Many riders wear a hydration pack for the race.
  • Bring snacks for before and after. Some events will have a food truck. You can find out these kinds of details in the Facebook event for each race.