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Find out how you can help us meet our goals.

Here are ways you can help VIDRA achieve our shared goals to future-proof our sport and enhance our rec sites and riding areas.

return your empties!

When you return your empties to one of 3 participating Return-It bottle depots in Victoria, you can ask for the funds to be donated to “Tansky Trail Karma”.

Participating locations:
4261 Glanford Ave
655 Queens Ave (downtown)
3961 Quadra St. (near McKenzie)

These donations add up and VIDRA receives the funds from the bottle depot when our account balance hits a certain level.

Also, when you’re at a race or event put on by VIDRA, drop your empty Red Bulls into our Return-It bottle recycling bins! This goes into the fund too!

corporate sponsors

There are a variety of local shops and businesses that answer our call for sponsorship each year and we appreciate them all!

Your sponsorship helps us plan and host dirt riding events like our race series, our kids’ race series, hard enduro races, Mudhunniez’ women’s events, and keeping up our obligations to the Province of BC in maintaining sustainable trail networks within our rec sites.

We’ve set our sights on some longer term planning for the coming years in order to update our trail networks and rec sites… stay tuned!

If you would like to become a corporate sponsor, please email us at: to get on our radar and receive more information.

Thank you to all our sponsors!