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Whiskey Creek


Whiskey Creek is located mid-island, about 45 minutes north of Nanaimo, or about 10 minutes from Coombs.

This area is known for its network of flowy, fun single-track dirtbike trails that wind through the lush west-coast forest. There is roughly 50km of (mostly blue and green) single-track here. The area is heavily treed and overflowing with ferns for most of the year. There are trails for all levels at Whiskey Creek, including ones that kids can enjoy.


There is a kid’s track accessible from the staging area. A favourite trail here is the “Rollercoaster” which winds its way up and down the sides of a valley, with fast climbs and descents.

VIDRA hosts a couple of races each year at Whiskey Creek.

Getting there

The Whiskey Creek recreation area is located just off Melrose Rd. at Whiskey Creek, in the Qualicum area.

As you drive up Melrose Rd, stay to the right at the fork. You’ll find the staging area a little further up, on your right. There is an informational sign board at staging, which is the start of a trailhead. There are numerous trails here for you to ride.

Find it on Google Maps as “Whiskey Creek OHV Rec-Site”

Trail Map

There are signs at the trailheads marked with trail names and difficulty levels.

Whiskey Creek OHV Rec-Site on